Restrainer and Incline Systems

Sperling manufactures restrainer systems for high-speed operations in the pork and beef industry.

The equipment is fabricated from stainless or galvanized steel and is designed with operator safety and humane handling as primary concerns.

Cooler Systems

Sperling can design, manufacture, and install complete cooler rail systems.

Rails can be operated manually or can be equipped with our unique walking beam system. This allows for automatic loading and unloading of individual rails.

Walking beam systems provide powered forward motion in the rails for improved working conditions and food safety considerations.

Overhead Conveyor Systems

Sperling designs and manufactures overhead conveyors to move carcasses through all plant operations.

These conveyors are heavy-duty I Beam construction and come in a variety of finishes including stainless, galvanized and black.

Our common chain sizes include X-248, X-458 and X-678. Sperling is well versed in the assembly, installation and maintenance of all parts on the overhead chain systems, including corner and traction wheels, as well as drive components.

Specialty Meat Processing Equipment

Sperling manufactures a number of individual pieces of specialty equipment to facilitate meat processing lines. These include, but are not limited to, dehairiers, headsplitters, scalders, hidepullers, and singers.

Sperling manufactures cast components for the BOSS line of dehairers - model 35's, 58, 59 and model 60's. Many of these dehairers have been in service 70+ years standing as a testament to their quality. Their replacement parts are made with specific casting requirements, machined in-house to exact tolerances and provided in a timely manner. In many cases these components are on the shelf and ready to ship.

We can also manufacture custom equipment specific to customer requests.

Engineered Lifting Devices

Our material baskets are designed and engineered to code for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Built to last, these baskets come in (2) sizes: 4' x 4' and 4' x 10'.

Our dual purpose man basket is certified to (4) person capacity or, it can double as a rescue basket (2 people plus 1 stretcher).

For hoisting bottles, Sperling also offers a compact and durable (2) place bottle skip.

Screw Conveyors

Sperling Industries offers many different types of custom screw conveyors for our customers. We manufacture screw conveyors in both mild and stainless steel, with U-trough or tubular housings, and with any diameter/pitch configuration desired.

Made for all types of commodities, Sperling also has experience with designing, fabricating, and installing double, triple and quad screw systems.

Drag Conveyors

Sperling Industries has experience with a number of drag conveyor designs. Whether you need a square or a round bottom body, a single or double chain drive, or an open body vs middle divider plate design, we can accommodate it all. Fabricated with UHMW paddles, our drag conveyors can handle products in a variety of industries.

Belt Conveyors

Having an Intralox Themodrive plastic belt splicer in our asset list has allowed Sperling Industries to become a contender in the design, fabrication and maintenance of belt conveyors. We offer in-house or on-site belt splicing for belts up to 60" wide. While dealing mainly with Thermodrive plastic belts, Sperling also designs and manufactures belt conveyors with rubber belts and with Intralox modular plastic belts.

Some options for belt conveyors consist of:

  • Troughed
  • Flat
  • Horizontal
  • Inclined
  • Straight
  • L-Path/Z-Path
  • Slider beds
  • Roller beds
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sanitary for food plants
  • Belt lifters
  • Belt Spray Bars

Spouting Components

Sperling Industries manufactures and supplies a variety of spouting components for all kinds of commodities. Valves, slide gates, and segmented elbows are just some of the items we commonly produce.

Niche Market Items

From a decorative firepit custom designed to suit your taste, to a one-of-a kind table fabricated to last, Sperling Industries has an array of specialty design items that will start conversation in any space. Our CNC laser and skilled detailers can bring any design to life.

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