Founded in 1978, Sperling Industries Ltd. began as a small welding shop in Sperling, Manitoba, Canada, which is about thirty miles (50km) southwest of Winnipeg. Three brothers, Russell, Jeff and David Nicolajsen had been working in construction for many years and decided to start their own company to focus more on the local market.

It was named Sperling Welding, and they began by working locally doing smaller welding and structural projects for farmers and businesses. Operating out of one machine shop, it was a humble beginning to their many years in this industry. 

Sperling Industries Ltd. CNC facility

Sperling Industries Ltd.’s manufacturing facilities and its areas of expertise have grown substantially and are, as follows:

Sperling, Manitoba:

  • 28,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with fabrication equipment, machine shop, two overhead cranes, engineering/design services, and offices
  • 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with only equipment designated for stainless steel fabrication and also has a 2,000 sq. ft. finishing area
  • 36,000 sq. ft. CNC structural steel fabrication facility which houses some of the most state of the art technology for structural fabrication
  • 7,200 sq. ft. painting/finishing facility
  • In excess of 25,000 sq. ft. of various storage buildings with inside storage and also more than 60 acres of outside storage or lay down area

Omaha, Nebraska:

  • 50,000 sq. ft. facility that primarily supplies equipment and parts for the meat processing industry and has offices for engineering/design services and offices

Today, it is an ever-expanding full-service company, primarily supplying and erecting structural steel and installation of mechanical equipment. Still privately owned by Russell and Jeff Nicolajsen and their families, Sperling Industries Ltd. employs more than 100 production and field personnel depending on the prevailing contractual commitments and production schedules.

The company has a large selection of mobile equipment for field installations, including highway tractors and trailers, mobile cranes up to a 90 ton capacity, a fleet of service vehicles and equipment trailers, telescoping fork trucks, scissor lifts, genie booms, etc.

Sperling Industries Ltd. is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau and welds a variety of metals including stainless steel and aluminum. Certified welders are experienced in SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW and along with Sperling’s qualified millwrights and machinists, the company can easily assist customers with any size project for supply only, or supply and install. 

Quality and safety are key values Sperling Industries Ltd strives to uphold. Being COR certified, by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba in the National Safety Program, is important to Sperling Industries Ltd. COR certification ensures that our safety program is audited externally on a regular basis and confirms to our customers that safety standards will be upheld.

Sperling Industries Ltd. is also ISO 9001:2008 certified for our quality control. In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, we are Quality Control Program certified for pressure welding/steamfitting and can design, fabricate, install and repair boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures the safety and integrity of every job undertaken.

Mainly servicing Western Canada, Sperling Industries Ltd. works worldwide and can bid on complete projects, or subcontracts, in a wide variety of areas.

  • Structural steel work fabrication and erection
  • Materials handling and storage systems
  • Heavy equipment installation and commissioning 
  • Steel building erection
  • Plant maintenance and repair
  • Complete installation and commissioning of food processing systems
  • Plant automation systems installation
  • Mining equipment fabrication and installation
  • Overhaul and refurbishing of mechanical plant equipment
  • Process piping

Sperling Industries Ltd. is proud of our hard-working history. We are a family owned and operated Canadian business that is here for the long haul.