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Installation and ongoing support.

Sperling Industries has worked with widely recognized customers such as Simplot, McCains and Cavendish and these projects have allowed us to develop valuable expertise in the potato processing sector.

As an installer of GEM equipment, Sperling has traveled across Canada and the United States completing large projects such as line demolitions and dryer/fryer installations.

Our experienced field crews are knowledgeable in the areas of potato equipment installations such as steam peelers, conveyance systems, pre-heaters, and batter systems.

Having our own cranes and specialty equipment for large projects ensures that these jobs are done safely and on time. By using detailed scheduling and planning methods we eliminate unplanned downtime and ensure optimal efficiency and performance when our clients need it most.

Sperling Industries provides ongoing maintenance services in the potato industry. We also offer in-house design and engineering for a wide variety of structural and mechanical applications in this sector.

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