Meat processing solutions

Introducing our BOSS line of equipment.

Sperling Industries' BOSS line of meat processing equipment is designed to process hog and beef in a safe, efficient, and humane manner.

The BOSS line exceeds industry standards in both durability and maintenance.

We understand that each individual piece of equipment is a critical part of the overall design and that's why we spend time on every aspect. Whether your plant handles 10 animals per day or 10,000, we have an equipment solution for your processing needs.

In recent years, we have added modern manufacturing techniques to this historical line of equipment. Constantly tweaking and modifying to make the equipment more economical and accessible, Sperling makes sure that their equipment is manufactured to last. Fabricated in our shops, the equipment is routinely shipped throughout North America, and even overseas.

In addition to BOSS equipment, Sperling Industries offers extensive knowledge into the meat processing industry. With long standing project managers and field personnel, along with our mechanical engineering team, we offer guidance in new equipment installations, new plant construction and plant layout modifications. Site services are available and we are committed to following customer specific guidelines and food safety standards.

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To view some of our meat processing equipment, please visit our products section.

Sperling Industries has supplied parts, equipment and labor to clients all around the world for pork, beef, poultry and shrimp processing plants.

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