Canadian and US Operations

Headquartered in Sperling Manitoba
with a US location in Omaha Nebraska

Sperling takes pride in its facilities. Continually investing in technology, while considering the well-being of our workers and our environmental footprint, is an important value of Sperling Industries. Our South Central Manitoba location is just 45 minutes South West of Winnipeg and our US location is centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Administration and Accounting

Main Office

Our main office is connected to Shop 1 located right in the town of Sperling. It consists of an open-concept office that houses our administrative and accounting team, engineering and design staff, and project management personnel.

This centralized administrative hub allows our staff to communicate quickly and efficiently so that we can respond to our customers and projects in the fastest way possible.

Fabrication Facility

Shop 1

This 28,000 sq foot fabrication facility is serviced by two overhead cranes along with both manual, and CNC processing equipment.

Equipment highlights include a Cincinnati Fiber laser, a Flow Waterjet machine, an Accupress brake and shear, as well as a Davi CNC roller and various CNC milling machines.

This facility regularly handles both mild steel and stainless steel materials.

Mechanic Shop

Shop 2

Our 9,600 square-foot mechanic shop is set up to keep our mobile assets safe and operational.

The in-house ability to troubleshoot and repair increases our flexibility and reliability during crucial shutdowns and other time-sensitive activities.

Fabrication Facility

Shop 3

Constructed in 2011, Shop 3 consists of 36,000 sq ft of fabrication floor. Focusing on structural steel manufacturing, this facility houses Peddinghaus CNC processing equipment including Anglemaster processing lines, a high-speed plate processor, and a Saw, Drill and Cope line for beam, channel and tube.

Material handling is made easy by both interior and exterior powered roller conveyors, as well as four separate overhead cranes.

Paint and Sandblasting

Shop 4

Our 60' x 120' paint facility was constructed in 2010. This facility is complete with an air makeup system and spray booth.

We have the capability to spray standard alkyd paint systems, epoxy systems, and other specialty coatings such as high-temperature resistant and polyurethane systems.

Proper preparation can be achieved with the use of our external sandblasting station.

Omaha Nebraska, USA

In addition to our headquarters, we also have a large location in Omaha Nebraska. Strategically located in the center of the USA, this location primarily services the meat industry and houses a complete stock of replacement parts and equipment focused on pork and beef processing.

Along with inventory space, a team of drafting, design, and project management staff work with customers and Sperling Canada on equipment design and plant layouts.

Environmental Considerations

Sperling Industries has kept environmental considerations top of mind when considering expansions and maintenance work.

From LED lighting upgrades to geothermal heating in almost all of our facilities, we are constantly trying to improve our environmental footprint while maintaining a safe and comfortable place to work.

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