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Overhead transmission structures.

Sperling Industries provides in-house steel solutions for all types of overhead transmission structures.

We stock a large inventory of angle iron and we're equipped with two Peddinghaus angle lines capable of processing up to 8"x8"x1" angle. This ensures that Sperling Industries can make quick work of any lattice steel order. Using Nc1 files, our CNC lines ensure each piece is accurately fabricated and we offer shop trial or pre-assembly, which allows us to take all of the guesswork out of field erection.

In addition to lattice steel, our skilled shop employees can also tackle HSS tubular structures or channel assemblies through our fully automated beam and cope lines. We can supply transmission steel in both black and galvanized finishes depending on our customer's needs.

Sperling Industries offers freight and field repair services to locations across Western Canada.

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