Supply and install

For critical foundation components.

Sperling Industries has been involved with a wide variety of projects in the Infrastructure and Transportation industry. We have fabricated numerous pedestrian bridges in Manitoba and have also supplied critical support steel for Manitoba Highways. Our automated CNC processing equipment and expansive layout make working with large beam sizes possible. Sperling's engineering team can assess and design different bridge options to prepare for shop fabrication. Our field crews are skilled at implementing safe lift plans for confined spaces or complicated loads.

While working at multiple water treatment facilities over the years, Sperling has demonstrated our experience with large equipment removal and installation. We have handled equipment such as membrane and bio-reactor tanks, blowers and pumps in both new construction, and within tight confines of existing areas. We have also provided structural and miscellaneous metal supply and install. Sperling was part of the original construction at the water treatment plant in the City of Brandon where we completed the installation of mechanical piping, equipment, and steel. In 2020, we were able to offer further value in efficiently replacing three of the original membrane treatment tanks.

Supplying and installing handrails and platforms, as well performing repair or replacement of structural steel, in difficult settings has also been one of Sperling's core competencies. Our field crews excel at planning and executing difficult installation procedures at locations such as Hydro electric dams across Manitoba.

Our knowledge and experience with the steel industry and finishing options ensures that our customer gets the results they are looking for.

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