Merit/Bird Construction - Plant Construction and Starch Drying System

Supply and Install of Ducting, Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals and Owner-supplied Equipment

Manitoba, Canada

When Merit constructed a brand new plant in 2020, Sperling had the opportunity to work for Bird Construction, the general contractor on the project. Our field crews and equipment were on site for close to a year, installing spray drying equipment, Sperling-supplied duct work, miscellaneous metals and owner-supplied equipment. We also played a role in the starch drying system on site.

Design and engineering modeled and detailed equipment settings and the stainless duct work before it went to our shop for fabrication. The food-grade finishes on the ducting were critical. Rolling, welding and polishing insulated and non-insulated sections up to 48" in diameter kept our shops busy for months. Shipping the sections carefully also took consideration.

Sperling completed the work on time and within budget and we still provide ongoing maintenance services for current operations.



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