JBS Foods - Louisville Kentucky Plant Expansion

Supply of Structural Building Connection and Scald Tub

Louisville Kentucky

Connecting an existing pork processing plant to a new stunning building with an overhead structural bridge was what this project entailed. Sperling Industries worked with third-party structural engineers to provide shop drawings of the entire structure. Sperling then fabricated, galvanized and shipped all required steel and hardware to the customer's facility in the USA. Erection on site was done seamlessly by others, aided by proper steel bundling and instructions received from Sperling.

In addition to the structural steel for the building, Sperling also fabricated a new carbon steel scald tub and handled all related piping and controls. This 48" wide x 36" tall x 260' long tub was fabricated out of ¼" carbon steel. The sections were fully welded at our fabrication facility and shipped to the customer. Final assembly was done on-site.


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