Everfood AS - Shrimp Processing Plant

Design and Supply of Overhead Chain Conveyor System

Santa Priscila, Ecuador

In 2021 we had the opportunity to design and supply of an overhead chain conveyor system for a shrimp processing plant in Ecuador. Working together, Sperling's US and Canadian branches did the overall plant layout for the new construction. We procured materials and fabricated components to food safety standards and containerized all components. For shipping, we worked with 3rd party freight company to facilitate moving the steel and assemblies overseas. Proper packaging and preparation of the food grade stainless components was critical to limit potential damages during transit.

Once items were received, our BOSS team worked with Everfood AS to ensure a seamless installation.

Supplied components included bucket rinse cabinets to clean out plastic shrimp buckets; pneumatic loading tables for dumping trays of shrimp; an overhead chain system and all associated drive components; and structural support steel.



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