Ampjack Industries Ltd. - E2B X-Arm Repair Steel

Rapid Supply of Replacement Lattice Steel

Manitoba, Canada

This project required quick delivery which resulted in fabrication being completed in parallel with design and detailing. Using preliminary digital models and hand drawn sketches, Sperling was able to create shop files for fabrication. Despite having limited information at the start, we successfully assembled the cross arm trial with zero pieces needing rework. Once we knew that fitment was correct, we continued to make the remaining arms. Fabrication took a total of (4) days; with an additional (3) days allowed for trial assembly, inspection, takedown, and bundling. Sperling had all required material available in our inventory.

We were also able to process, finish, and package additional existing materials supplied by Ampjack, alongside the parts we fabricated, in order to create the ready-to use-kits.


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