Water Jet

Our 5-Axis Waterjet is capable of cutting complex geometry with high accuracy. This is accomplished by mixing abrasive with a high-pressure water stream. With a max pressure of 94.000 PSI the sand is propelled from the nozzle at over 4100km/h, allowing us to cut material up to 10 inches thick. With a maximum working area of 13’x6.6’ and the ability to maintain +/-.0015 accuracy over 3 feet, it can complete large scale jobs with speed and precision.

The Dynamic Waterjet Technology automatically tilts the cutting head to eliminate taper and stream lag during the cut. This produces a smooth/ straight cut in materials like: mild and stainless steel, Hardox, AR, composites, granite, plastics, and wood products. 

Waterjet cutting will complete custom single parts or can precisely create multiple pieces cleanly and efficiently.